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Excel Security Service in Kochi, Kerala

Guarding is an act of loyalty. Even if it is a paid activity, it demands utmost trust and love. For the past 23 years, Excel Security Agency, the top security service in Kochi Kerala, is imparting this trust and love to its innumerable customers, without fail. When it comes to providing security staff to apartments, villas, commercial buildings, malls, institutions, and independent homes, Excel is the first and foremost name, that comes to the minds of the wide strata of clients in Kerala.

Uniformed Security Service in Kochi, Kerala

 From the hiring phase itself, Excel takes on a keen screening of the character, ability, and performance of the guards. After that, rigorous training is given to them to tackle and overcome any unforeseen events and challenges that can occur while guarding. Custom-based training to suit each type of dwelling is provided for them. All our clients have given testimonials about their loyalty, ability, and courage. They give regular patrolling and inspection on the nook and corner of the building to confirm any unwanted events not happening. If any of the clients are not happy with the performance or attitude of any security staff, Excel replaces them within no time. We are at your disposal round the clock. This approach and dedication had created hundreds of repeated and referred customers. 

Our Services

 Excel, The Best Security Agency in Kochi, catered to the needs of thousands of satisfied customers by providing round-the-clock security with trained, experienced security guards and housekeeping professionals.


Uniformed Security Guards

We guard your apartments, office spaces, hospitals, villas, schools, commercial buildings, independent houses, and institutions with utmost efficiency, loyalty, reliability, and vigilance.

House Keeping Professionals

We allocate professional and accomplished housekeeping staff who will sincerely and faithfully take care of your property and possessions,  elevating the in-house décor to ravishing heights.

Care Taker for Apartments

We employ the most efficient, trained, multi-tasking caretaker for your apartment commercial complex and malls. They perform regular inspections and supervision of your spaces.

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